Hi. Are you here to learn about how we review the fruit baskets? or about us personally? Either way, you are on the right page.

We are  like the J.D. Power and Associates of Fruit Baskets. We go through each basket with a fine-tooth comb and tell you what we find. We make videos of each of the baskets unwrapping themselves so you can see what you are really buying. We've taken hundreds of high quality photos and posted them on our site. We give our honest opinion of the basket. We have gotten so good at it that fruit basket companies give us exclusive coupon codes to pass on to you in hopes of winning over your business.


Step One

We order a basket in the $100 price range (or as close as we can get) from a company that ships their products nationwide. The company must have the ability to sell their products online, since that's where our readers can use the coupons to buy the baskets. We have the baskets sent to our reviewer, Leah. We recognize that she is kind of sassy and that you may not agree with everything she says. By all means, contribute your own review of the basket - the more reviews, the merrier.

Step Two

Next we pretend we are the pickiest friend, CEO, Client or relative recipient you have. Once the basket arrives we immediately make a stop motion video of the basket unwrapping itself. We post that video on our YouTube channel and our website. We then have a series of professional, quality photos taken of the basket inside and out. We weigh the fruit. We taste everything. We read ingredients. We research where the items came from and how much they cost.

Step Three

We grade the basket with a "GPA" - "Good Point Average". We use the same standard grading scale that most American high schools use. A 4.0 is the highest quality you should expect for the price of the basket. Anything above a 4.0 is like AP credit. This is above and beyond what you can expect from a  fruit basket of this price. The results of our review, the photos and coupons are all posted on our website.




Jared Sidwell is our Founder. He started Fruit Basket Review and to become the "Consumer Reports" of the Gifting industry.


You'll often find him hiking, running, golfing, or at a BYU football or Utah Jazz game. He enjoys laughing with friends, playing the piano, going to rock concerts and Broadway plays. He loves sushi, massaman curry, bacon cheese burgers, lasagna and carrot cake with cream cheese frosting (but not all together at once).


He has worked at Oracle, Siebel Systems and is currently an Executive at He's married to Colleen and has four talented kids; Jared, Audrey, Amber and Lydia.



Feel free to send all rotten tomatoes, thank you cards or fruit baskets to Leah, our main reviewer and Creative Director at Fruit Basket Review. She oversaw the design, videography and photography of this website and all the new branding for Fruit Basket Review.


Leah's not-so-secret dream is to one day become some sort of female Ken Burns and do a stand-up comedy routine just once to see what it feels like. She shoots with a Nikon, loves typography and is a recovering Pinterest addict. She has no Twitter account because she doesn't believe in it but does have a personal blog if you feel inclined to stalk her.



A technology-loving, horseback-riding, downhill-skiing and website-running rockstar, Dave does all the back-end development and management of our website. Always an entrepreneur at heart, Dave started his own web development company to help small businesses get more done for less money.


He is the proud Daddy of a new little girl he and his wife adopted and have a baby boy on the way. When he isn't holding a baby he is probably holding a fly fishing rod or a new gizmo or gadget; two of his other loves.








This is Jonathan Hasson and he loves Photoshop, digital art and electronic/dance music. He designs logos and web elements for Fruit Basket Review.  See his personal work here. Wondering what the latest is on Owl City? Ask him.