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Fruit Basket Reviews and Coupon Codes

Fruit Baskets

Fruit baskets make the best fruit gifts for any occasion. Fruit Basket Review provides free promo codes, vouchers, and discount codes for the top fruit basket companies. We take pictures, videos, write reviews, and provide expert comparisons so you'll know we are recommending the top-rated gourmet fruit baskets with the best possible promotional codes.

1. How Do I Get Fruit Basket Review's Unpublished 20% Discount Codes?  We've negotiated unpublished 20% online coupon codes from five of the top fruit basket providers.  They won't let us publish the 20% coupon codes on the website, but if you fill out the 20% Discount Form we'll email them all to you immediately.  All the free shipping and 10% fruit basket coupon codes are also on this page.

2. Pictures and Videos: We've ordered $100 fruit baskets from the 20 leading fruit basket providers using our online coupons, created a video of us unboxing the gift, given you 20+ pictures of the fruit gift baskets, wrote detailed reviews about the fruit and gourmet items, and rated each fruit gift basket. We give you all the information you will need (and more) to select the fruit basket that is right for your special occasion.

3. Consumer Reviews: You can post ratings and comments about any fruit basket provider. The Consumer Review Section of the Fruit Basket Review Blog empowers you to give honest feedback about your fruit basket experiences. You can also post any fruit basket gift vouchers, coupons & codes, and gift codes that you've found and want to share with our community of fruit basket enthusiests.

4. Over 100 Fruit Basket Providers: There are lots of proud orchadists that have spent many generations creating and perfecting beautiful gifts with the best fruits from their groves. At the bottom of our website you'll find a detailed history of over a hundred US providers of fruit baskets. All the online deals, discount coupons, and free shipping promo codes have all been aggregated on to one easy to use list on our Coupons page. You are welcome to use them or share them with your friends.

Fruit Gift Basket Providers

There are very few companies in the United States that actually pack and deliver fresh fruit baskets. These companies are usually started by families that have been orchardists for many generations. These orchardists grow the apples, pears, and oranges, prepare the gourmet fruit gift baskets, and then ship the gifts to your recipient. Orchardists who make fruit gift baskets also "cherry pick" the highest quality fruit and the largest fruit for their own edible fruit gift baskets while selling the remaining fruit to grocery stores. To get gourmet fruit baskets with the best fruit at the lowest prices, you will want to buy your fruit gift baskets directly from these orchardists.

Online Gift Basket Websites and Fruit Basket Drop Shipping

Many gift basket websites will also offer fruit baskets, but they will have someone else ship it directly to your recipient. This business arrangement between gift basket websites and fruit basket providers is called Drop Shipping. Gift basket website owners like this arrangement because they can offer fresh fruit baskets to their clientele without having to make the fruit gift baskets themselves. The fruit basket provider will give the gift basket company a significant discount off all the gifts they purchase on behalf of their customers. These volume discounts usually range from 25%-50% off the manufacturers retail price.

These gift basket websites will markup the price of the fruit baskets they resell to usually double their cost. Doubling the wholesale price of a gift is a common industry practice called "keystone pricing", meaning you could be paying 25%-50% more than the manufacturer's retail price. Purchasing directly from the fruit basket provider will help you avoid overpaying for your gourmet fruit baskets.

Same Day Florist Delivered Fruit Baskets

Another fruit gift delivery method we have seen in the fruit basket industry is when an edible fruit basket is delivered through the florist network. Gifting websites simply post pictures of attractive fruit baskets and when one is purchased, that order is sent to the closest florist of the recipient for same-day delivery. The florist, who receives the order, is given a picture of the gourmet fruit basket that was sold online and told how much they are going to receive for preparing and delivering the gift. So the less money the florist puts in to preparing your fruit gift , the more money they'll get to keep. The preparation of the fruit baskets usually includes a trip to the grocery store and selecting from the available grocery store quality fruit, the smallest and lowest quality fruit available. The extra items, like the basket, candies, wines, and cheeses, are also picked out by the florist. Unless you absolutely must have the fruit basket delivered on the same day you should avoid this delivery method because the items in the delivered fruit gift will never match the picture upon which you originally based your purchasing decision.

So Who Should I Buy Fruit Baskets From?

At Fruit Basket Review we have ordered edible fruit baskets from all of the different fruit basket providers to see how quickly the fruit gift basket arrives, to evaluate the quality of the packaging, to review the size and quality of the fruit, and sample the gourmet items. We have done this so that you can feel comfortable knowing that our recomendations are based on the fact that we have witnessed that the fruit basket picture that is on the website is an accurate representation of what arrives. If you look on the right side of our website, we have put our top recommendations for gourmet fruit baskets. Click through and read our reviews and make note of the coupon codes, promo codes, vouchers, discount codes, and promotional codes that will provide you extra discounts on your fruit basket purchases.

Manhattan Fruitier Fruit Baskets

Offering fresh fruit baskets composed like Dutch still life paintings since 1987, Manhattan Fruitier can create a one of a kind fruit arrangement that will exceed any customers expectations. Reflecting New York's 19th century carriage trade, when gifts were delivered by horse-drawn buggies, their gourmet gift baskets have made a statement of quality and beauty for almost 25 years. Producing packaging reflecting the pre-industrial period of 1890 to 1910, all fruit baskets are put together by hand in a unique and attractive fashion using only the finest fruits available. Fruit baskets, being a perfect gift for almost any occasion, have become an art form at Manhattan Fruitier. Reaching back in time, Manhattan Fruitier specializes in creating unique arrangements with exotic fruits often combined with other complementary foods to create a memorable gift for anyone lucky enough to receive one. With great attention to detail, Manhattan Fruitier has a history of reaching back in time and producing baskets with great care and beauty just like in the good old days. Making every effort to include a wide variety of the season's finest fruits in every hand made basket reflects a long standing tradition at Manhattan Fruitier.

Golden State Fruit Fruit Baskets

Starting with the tradition of being one of California's premier orchards providing succulent cherry's and Comice , Bosc, Bartlett and Red pears, Golden State Fruit has evolved into one of the finest producers of specialty gift boxes and fruit baskets. With over fifty years in the fertile lands along the River Deltas of Northern California's Sacramento Valley, Golden State Fruit is committed to providing the freshest fruits, cookies, artisan cheeses, pastries, chocolates, fresh nuts, and much more of California's best in beautiful packages that are created fresh the day that your order is shipped. Offering a wide range of choices, they provide selections for any occasion.  Offering gourmet items with some gift boxes or baskets available with Sonoma or Napa Valley red or white wines, an exceptionally wide range of gift ideas are available to meet any budget. Featuring the best of their own orchards, they know that they have delivered the very best fruit under the sun. Golden State Fruit continues to take great pride in everything they do and offers a money back satisfaction guarantee on all of their creations. Guaranteeing every gift - unreservedly - shows their long standing commitment to sending out only the finest gift boxes and fruit baskets.

Harry & David Fruit Baskets

The company of Harry & David came into being in 2005 to further organize the company's many ventures. This was the official start of the name Harry & David, but the company itself began years earlier.  In 1910, Harry and David's father, Sam Rosenberg, had a love of agriculture to the point that he traded his successful Hotel Sorrento for some land. In fact it was 240 acres of pear trees in the Rogue River Valley located in Southern Oregon. He named it Bear Creek Orchards in honor of the waterway located close by. Harry and David stepped into run the business when their father, Sam, died in 1914. They turned their attention to growing the Comice pear because of the great export market for it. These pears were wildly popular during the 1920s and the business prospered. Then the Great Depression occurred in the 1930s after the Crash happened in 1929. Harry and David were forced to find new customers for their pears; this is when they decided to sell them by mail. This was the start of their catalog fame. In recent times the economy once again has affected the company. In 2011, Harry & David filed Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection, in hopes of reorganizing because of accumulated debts.

The Fruit Company Fruit Baskets

With roots extending back to 1942, The Fruit Company has been bringing the nation the finest fruits from the lush Hood River Valley in Oregon for almost 70 years. Beginning this journey by originally delivering apples and pears labeled "Oregon Beauties" and "Oregon Gems" a rich tradition of providing only the freshest and finest fruits available was quickly ingrained in everything they do. Almost 70 years later, The Fruit Company still maintains a mission to do everything possible to elicit expressions of genuine pleasure for every fruit basket that is received.  With humble beginnings, but with a grand future, The Fruit Company has had incredible growth since the first days of running the business out of Mr. and Mrs. Webster's basement. Doing the lion's share of their sales today through online orders, they have come a long way compared to their original mail-order catalog business. Believing in the superior quality of their fruit and their combined business know-how, The Fruit Company continues today to be dedicated to providing only the finest selection of decorative and delicious fruit baskets. With a wide variety of other food stuffs available to complement their fruits, gift boxes and baskets are available in a plethora of choices to satisfy every occasion.

Edible Arrangements

Same day fruit basket delivery can be accomplished by a franchise company called Edible Arranagements . They assemble floral fruit bouquets, known also as fruit flowers, that resemble a floral arrangement in bloom. Edible Arrangements is an alternative to sending orchard direct fruit baskets. Fruit Basket Review's opinion is that an orchard direct fruit basket with uncut fruit and award wining gourmet items is a much better gift then pieces of fruit cut up to look like a floral arrangement. You get the freshist fruit hand selected by the families that grow them, and that can be enjoyed for days or weeks. Edible Arrangements' fruit baskets are cut and delivered the same day, but we all know what happens to fruit once it is cut. It begins to oxidize and turn brown. So, the shelf life of an Edible Arrangement fruit basket is usually only one day.

History and Origin of Fruit Baskets

Fruit baskets have always been and probably always will be one of the most appreciated gifts that can be handed out. The decorative baskets are pleasing to the eye while the scent and taste of the sweet fruits contained within tempts recipients to tear it open right away. You can give edible arrangements that include fruit to practically anyone for any situation, holiday, or special occasion.

You may enjoy receiving fruit baskets yourself. Perhaps they are your favorite type of gift to send to loved ones. You join millions of other people with that enjoyment of these unique edible arrangements, but have you ever stopped to consider how fruit baskets were introduced to the world? If not, it's time to put some knowledge behind your enjoyment of fruit baskets.

Fruit Baskets in History

Fruit baskets may seem like a modern gift since they are often ordered through the Internet and delivered through the mail. The truth is edible arrangements including fresh fruit are a very old concept that has been adjusted to changing times. It turns out the way we decorate our fruit baskets and the manner they are often delivered is very modern, but the basic idea of putting fresh fruit into a basket and handing it to someone else is extremely old.

Fruit baskets actually go way back to the times when humans were hunters and gatherers. Think back to the times when families got up every day and went out into the forests and fields in search of their own food. We're talking about the days when meat came from your own spear, not from the supermarket deli.

These were also the days when fresh fruit was picked with your own two hands, rather than being picked up at Whole Foods on your way home from work. Baskets were the best way for people to go out into the fields and collect their fruit. Large baskets would be piled high with berries and fruits and then carried back home for the family to enjoy.

In these times baskets were not decorative or gift elements. They were tools of survival and an intricate part of the culture. They made it possible for families to collect berries and fruits from the natural environment without returning home with small loads. They could collect more fruit in less time and get it back home safely.

As time moved forward baskets remained a functional tool of society, but they became more decorative. Basket makers spent a lot of time making the more artistic baskets that were desired by everyone. This is when fruit baskets started to become more of a gift idea than just a way to feed the family. As baskets became more artistic, they naturally turned into great gifts.

It is not known when the very first fruit basket was handed out as a gift. There is no clear record of when the edible arrangements that you see inside gift baskets today were first designed. The concept of giving fruit baskets clearly comes from these early days of hunting and gathering, but it may never be known exactly when the concept of handing fruit baskets out as gifts became popular.

It's possible that people in those early days regularly handed baskets of fruit to those they loved and wanted to care for. If so, then you could say fruit baskets are a natural part of the human world.

Fruit Baskets Today

Baskets remain a functional element in the world today. One of the reasons fruit baskets are so popular is because recipients can actually use the basket in their home long after the delicious edible arrangements inside the basket have been consumed. This is a gift idea that is not easily tossed in the trash or forgotten about.

The fruit that comes in a fruit basket is often of higher quality than you may find in local stores. The baskets that the edible arrangements are packed into tend to be more decorative and may have ribbons and other elements added to them. While the hunter and gatherers just took the fruit inside to be the real gift, everything is decorated and presented to an extreme today. This reflects how fruit is readily available in many areas of the world today.

There are millions of gifts available today, but fruit baskets remain one of the best gifts if you really want to leave a lasting impression. These edible arrangements are appreciated by recipients in a way that most other gifts just aren't appreciated. They offer healthy nourishment and something sweet and tasty. The basket remains a functional element of the home or may even be used to give another gift to someone else at some point in the future.

The Spirit of Fruit Baskets

Companies like Harry and David have been making gourmet quality fruit baskets and other edible arrangements for well over 70 years. This shows how far back in history even the modern design of fruit baskets really goes. Harry and David was one of the first companies to start delivering fruit baskets through the mail and they still represent the spirit of fruit giving. They pack every basket by hand and create edible arrangements that look like masterpieces of art.

Fruit baskets have a beautiful spirit of nourishment and care. When someone receives a basket filled with fresh, ripe fruit they really feel loved and know that the giver put serious thought into sending them something of high value. This takes gift-giving to a new level. It puts the spirit of love and genuine care into the exchange.

There are a lot of gifts that are enjoyed by recipients, but not many can really stop someone in their tracks and make them truly cherish the gift. That is what happens when edible arrangements and gourmet quality fruit baskets are delivered. Recipients feel the love and know they were sincerely thought about by someone else.

Think of the spirit of those hunters and gatherers hauling home their baskets full of berries. Think of the care and love that went into weaving the more elaborate baskets in history. That spirit remains today, even though our fruit baskets are ordered online and delivered by the postal service.

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