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Fruit Basket Review - We Review Fruit Baskets

Fruit Basket Review, a company, can be best be described as the J.D. Power and Associates of online fruit baskets. Why? Because we take reviewing and rating fruit baskets seriously and to lengths that no man (or woman) has gone before. Many of us have ordered a fruit basket that when it arrived looked absolutely nothing like the picture we saw online. Instead of chocolate covered toffee almonds..... a bag of fluorescent colored hard candies. Instead of hand-picked crisp orchard pears..., pears that were small, overripe and bruised. Online fruit basket companies are able to send a far inferior fruit gifts to your grieving mother without any consequence because no matter what shows up she will always lie to you and say "Honey, it was the most beautiful fruit basket I have ever received!!"

So, with the power of the Internet, we can be whistle blowers and hold the fruit basket providers responsible for the product they ship. Why do we do it? Because, we want to change the faces of gifting, one perfect gift at a time. How do we do it? We order $100 fruit baskets from all the major online gifting retailers and have them shipped to us. We go through each fruit basket with a fine-tooth comb, sample every piece of fruit and gourmet item, and detail out for you exactly what we find - the good, the bad, and the ugly. We take 10-20 artistic high quality photos of each fruit basket, the shipping box it comes in, the wicker basket, the gift card, each piece of fruit, the chocolate, the crackers, the cheese... well you get the point. We also make what we call "unboxing stop motion videos" of each of the gift baskets unwrapping themselves so you can experience exactly what a loved one, friend, or a client will experience when they receive their gift. We rate, we review, analyze, and evaluate. We even go so far as to even negotiate exclusive coupon codes from each of the fruit gift basket companies. We then pass them on to you so that once you’ve decided which company to use, you can save a little money. You can find these coupons on each of the company review pages as well as in a list on our Fruit Basket Review Coupons Page. The promo codes are always valid, so its worth bookmarking that page.

Online Fruit Basket Websites and Drop Shipping

Many gift basket websites will also offer fruit baskets, but they will have someone else ship it directly to your recipient. This business arrangement between gift basket websites and fruit basket providers is called “Drop Shipping”. Gift basket websites like this arrangement because they can offer fruit baskets to their customers without having to make the fruit gift baskets themselves. The problem is that you will end up paying up to 50% more to have that fruit basket drop shipped rather then buying it direct. Purchasing directly from the fruit basket provider will help you avoid overpaying for your gourmet fruit baskets.

Same Day Delivered Fruit Baskets - Delivered by a Local Florist

The only way a fruit basket can be delivered the same day is through the Florist Network. A gifting website will post pictures of beautifully arranged fruit baskets and brag same day delivery to entice you to buy. But how is your $100 fruit basket purchase divided up? The gifting website will probably keep $50 of it and send the other $50 to a local florist to make and deliver. So does your loved one get a $50 fruit basket? Well, no. The florist isn’t going to stop making floral arrangements to fulfill on a fruit basket order for free. So they will probably keep $25, and use the other $25 to make your fruit basket.

Since the florist only receive 1-2 fruit basket orders a month, they don’t keep an inventory of unique and beautiful gift baskets to choose from, they don’t keep exotic tempting fruits from the NorthWest, or mouth tantalizing Russian chocolates, or sharp garlic infused cheeses from France, no cave aged cured chorizos from Spain, or the flaky melt in your mouth honey wheat crackers... Well those items where in order so now what? Even if they could find those products after a couple of hours of research, would the $25 be able to cover that high quality of gourmet items and orchard fresh fruit. The recipient will probably receive a wicker basket from the 2nd hand store, a family sized box of Cheeze-Its with the Costco sized Cheese in a Can and the best fruit they could find in the local Target. I think that many florists would want to deliver a beautiful fruit gift basket that represents the $100 and exorbitant same day deliver charge. But I would say they really never had a chance to make the client happy. If I were you, avoid a flower website when you are going to buy send a fruit gift or basket to someone. We spent considerable time categorizing all of the gifting companies that send fruit baskets in to “Orchard Direct, Florist Delivered, and Drop Shipped. I would pick a company that is “Orchard Direct”